25 square logos to keep you on point

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25 square logos to keep you on point

In the introduction to infographics with adobe illustrator course , youll learn how to use adobe illustrator from scratch to create stunning infographic maps packed with relevant information. From the hand of paadín, graphic designer, computer graphics designer and teacher, you will learn to select data, organize it and turn an image into a great source of information. Data visualization and information design create a visual model, a course by federica fragapane with the introduction of concepts such as big data, the presentation and visualization of large data sets has become a more relevant task for graphic designers.

From making infographics to helping people better display information for greater impact, understanding the hierarchy and best practices around data visualization is a huge plus. After years of experience in information design, the designer ferecia frapagapane, shares in the course data visualization and information design create a visual model , her creative process, as well as the basic principles of design when working with information visual.


Discipline is Editorial Design Work With Books, Magazines

Contemporary brand identity merging verbal e-commerce photo editing and visual concepts, a course by michael johnson in a hypercompetitive age, having a solid branding is an essential requirement for our brand to position itself in the mind of the consumer. Among the most powerful strategies for doing this are the creation of identities that make use of both verbal and visual concepts. Founder of international agency, johnson banks, michael johnson shares with us in the course contemporary brand identity merging verbal and visual concepts , his creative process to create iconic and relevant brand identities.

Presentation design create a professional template, a course by katya kovalenko regardless of the type of area you work in, creating presentations to present ideas, projects or strategies to colleagues and potential clients is a task that we cannot run away from.

e-commerce photo editing

Newspapers or Other Publications Layout and Composing

While many of us have design notions that help us Buy Views Like create decent presentations, in the presentation design create a professional template course , from data and presentation designer katya kovalenko, youll learn how to make your design stand up to the challenge. The ideas presented. Logo design graphic synthesis and minimalism, a course by rubén ferlo the designer specialized in brand and logo design, rubén ferlo, is passionate about minimalism and reductionism, that is, the philosophy that is summed up in less is more.

In the course, logo design graphic synthesis and minimalism , he will teach you his creative process to apply graphic synthesis to a brand logo. In this way, you will be able to design simple, memorable brands with their own personality. Composition techniques for graphic design, a course by javier alcaraz from the hand of the graphic designer specialized in editorial, branding and typography javier alcaraz, you will learn, step by step, how to create an efficient and impressive graphic structure.

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