10000 words of the whole process to explain the complete data analysis

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10000 words of the whole process to explain the complete data analysis

The author is a payment product manager. The content of this article is based on my. Actual experience in the payment field from 0 to 1 to build a payment business data analysis.

It took more than 2 years from a novice who came into contact with the payment business and looked Saudi Arabia Mobile Number at the data indiscriminately, started to look at the surface data a little bit, and then to the systematic series of data analysis outputted by this article. The content of this article is based on the current stage of knowledge and is not comprehensive.

Why do we need data analysis?

The importance of data analysis is Saudi Arabia Mobile Number self-evident. Without data, it is perceptual.

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You say what value return you Saudi Arabia Mobile Number can get after completing this function. Without data support, it is too pale and no one will believe you. But as long as you say how many points you can improve the order conversion rate after you finish this project, and swear that no one will ignore you. After all, it’s naked money, and who doesn’t love money.

Data thinking or data analysis ability 

So why is data analysis so important, I will explain from the following 4 points. These scenarios also occur in my actual work on a daily basis. We use data to make various analyses, insights or decisions every day.

Product manager A and product manager B have started their own projects at the same time, so who project the IT resources are invested in, A and B need to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number discuss the project ROI. Whoever has a higher ROI, the general manager of the business agrees to allocate resources to which project, so that A and B have nothing to say, and IT resources will also be used to reduce resource waste.

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Product managers use bottom-up arguments when discussing project value. For example, what functions are to be  in this project, function 1, function 2, function 3… How much value each function band can bring, such as how much the conversion rate can be , these all come from data.

Sometimes the value of a project that we think is very big is tortured by such layers of souls, and it is finally  that the  value is not large, and the waste of resources can be  in the early stage, instead of really waiting until the function is launched to find that it is not helpful to the business value. Development resources have been  by then.

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